The Vision of Pray COLA

Our vision is to unite the OneChurch of Columbia
in prayer for a city-wide spiritual awakening.


30 minutes on a specific
day of each month


One day per month
Set your prayer schedule


Spread the word
How can you help?

Claim Your Spot

Will you lead this movement in your circles of influence?

prayCOLA Launch Luncheon

On November 17th - at Hope Plaza, in the heart of downtown Columbia - we are hosting a luncheon to launch the new 24/7 prayer movement, "prayCOLA." Please join us to hear this compelling vision, and consider how your church can participate in uniting our city in prayer.

Pray With Us

We are calling the leaders and the churches of Columbia to regular prayer. Will you join us? Which day of the month will you reserve as the day your church prays?